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Examples of West Coast Art

Pick a picture to copy and print. Then color the the picture red and black.

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Google Search Terms
Open a second Explore window on your desktop so you can do the assignment below and also keep wikistange open.
Research First Nations Art:Find pictures of First Nations paintings and pick one to inspire your own painting on the "hide" you have prepared in Class. * Use Google to search for pictures. * Once you have found a picture you like, save it so that you can return to it later. * Use the remainder of the period to work on your picture. * WARNING: Use a pencil to sketch the drawing on your hide. * REMEMBER: Your picture must be colored black and red.
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Artist Study Challenge:

Look at the life of Canadian artist Bill Reid. Visit the CBC website and listen to Bill talk about his art and watch Bill create his art.CBC Archives


external image reidname.gif
William (Bill) Ronald Reid (January 12, 1920 – March 13, 1998) was a Canadian jeweler, sculptor and artist. He was born to a father of European descent and a mother from the Haida (one of the First Nations of the Pacific coast) in Victoria, British Columbia. He developed a keen interest in Haida art while working as a radio announcer in Toronto, where he also studied jewelry making, having first learnt about his heritage from his maternal grandfather, who had himself been trained by Charles Edenshaw, a Haida artist of great renown.

For additional information about his life go to:
The Life and Legend of Bill Reid (CBC Archives)