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Parts of a story

It has been said every story contains certain elements whether War & Peace or Little Miss Muffet... as such...

Little Miss Muffet (establish characters)
Sat on a tuffet, (establish location)
Eating her curds and whey; (develop activity/action)
Along came a spider, (introduce conflict)
Who sat down beside her (build conflict/suspense)
And frightened Miss Muffet away. (resolve conflict)

This example credited to Jim Shooter when Editor in Chief @ Marvel Comics)
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Super Ways to start Your Book Report
  • Open with a question
  • Open with a quotation from somebody
  • Open with dialogue
  • Open with an interesting fact
  • Open with a riddle or puzzle that the reader can grapple with
  • Open with a strong opinion
  • Open with a single word or a sentence fragment
  • Open with a personal experience
  • Open with how you felt